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Questions we get asked...alot and its ok!

What to expect from Midas Media UK.

Do you only work with established businesses or do you work with startups and new companies too?

Although we have experience with established businesses we have helped to launch start-ups and new businesses across the UK, Europe, and beyond. We specialise in the following industries. Estate & Property, Motor Sales, Travel & Tourism, and the Legal Profession. We tailor our services to your business with growth, leads, and ultimatley sales.

What do you Specialise in?

We specialise in attracting new business for our clients and we do this by using our extensive experience in email marketing, branding, social media & content marketing and PPC.

How do we know you will get results?

Some marketing activities create fast results and others slower. At every stage of our partnership we report bi-monthly with a breakdown of what we have done for your business and the results you have recieved. We understand that new marketing agencies pose a risk. That is why we offer a free 30 day trial with any of our services. If your not completely satisfied that we have performed as we should you can walk away after 30 days no questions asked. ​

What is the Midas Media UK client onboarding process?

Our onboarding process couldn't be simpler!  We start with a meeting to investigate your needs with a full audit.  After this, we create a proposal based on 3, 6 or 12 months. As soon as the proposal is accepted we are able to help your business to scale and grow!

What other services does Midas Media UK provide?

We are a full-service agency. Although we specialise in the areas above we also provide:
Website Design via our prefered partners
Graphic Design
Signage via our prefered partners
Events Development &  Management
Internal Communications

If any of these services are required, let us know and we can discuss these with you.

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