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Important Stuff  to Know

Do you only work with established businesses or do you work with startups and new companies too?

Although we have experience with established businesses we have helped to launch start-ups and new businesses across the UK, Europe, and beyond. We specialise in the following industries. Estate & Property, Motor Sales & Customisation, Travel & Tourism, and the Legal Profession. We cater our services to your business with growth, leads and sales being our main focus.

What is the Midas Media UK client onboarding process?

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Our onboarding process couldn't be simpler!  We start with a meeting to investigate your needs.  After this, we create a proposal based on 3, 6 or 12 months. As soon as the proposal is accepted we are able to help your business to scale and grow!

What other services does Midas Media UK provide?

We are a full-service agency. Although we specialise in the areas above we also provide:
Website Design via our prefered partners
Graphic Design
Signage via our prefered partners
Events Development &  Management
Internal Communications

If any of these services are required, let us know and we can discuss these with you.

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